Which Study Course for Banking Job for an Indian in Delhi?


The banking industry is one of the most significant segments of the Indian economy. There is a high demand for individuals with specialized knowledge and skills due to the quick expansion and evolution of bank goods and services as well as the rising demand for banking services in the nation. Examples of these include commercial banking, credit management, trade finance, and investment banking. In India, the insurance sector is becoming more significant. This sector is set up for future growth and employment generation

When you undergo training for banking jobyou could get lots of job opportunities in this famous industry of banking. Many students enroll in different banking courses in Delhi because it is a booming industry. Banking courses are ideal for you if you enjoy playing with numbers and have sound money management skills. Students are eager to learn about and investigate the banking industry from a variety of academic backgrounds, including business, science, the arts, and humanities. You have a variety of course options, ranging from short-term banking courses to master in banking courses. Let's look more closely at the list of banking courses:

KYC/AML Analyst Program

The recently launched KYC/AML Analyst Program by PSIB provides aspirants with a long-term opportunity to make their mark in this profession as this profession is expected to experience rapid growth over the next 25 years.

After completing the one-month training program, the candidate will have an extensive understanding of the KYC/AML verticals and be qualified for various back-end analyst positions with both banks and MNCs.

The underlying principles and practical case studies that are covered in the training provided under this program are prerequisites for the profile.

Certified Bank Ready Program

The CBRP Program provided by PSIB is committed to providing aspirant bankers who wish to join the branch banking operations with comprehensive banking training.

Post Completion of the 2-Month Extensive Training Program, the candidate will be engaged for various Branch Banking Operations Roles like - Teller Executive, Welcome Desk Officer, Remittance Officer, Cheque Clearing Officer, etc.

The CBRP Program focuses on soft skills and cross-selling of various third-party products in addition to introducing all facets of banking, as these have grown to be essential to a branch operations profile.

The CBRP Program is meticulously planned and put together to cover all prerequisites for this position, enabling PSIB Candidates to easily incorporate into the Bank with little training on the Bank's part.

Certified Investment Banking Program

Aspiring Investment Bankers have a fantastic opportunity to join top financial institutions and KPOs in the investment sector through PSIB's CIBP Program.

Following the two months of investment banking training, the candidate will be well-versed in capital markets and related verticals.

The training provided under this program includes theoretical concepts as well as real-world case studies for applying the learned information.

Loans and Cards Analyst Program

Candidates have the chance to launch their careers in Underwriting & Fraud Backend Profiles in Both Banks and MNCs through PSIB's Loans & Cards Analyst Program.

After completing the one-month training program, the candidate will have specific domain knowledge of the modules about underwriting, credit cards, KYC, and fraud.

For the foreseeable future, both underwriting and fraud-related profiles will be around, making this program a fantastic long-term career prospect.

What is the future potential of the banking certificate program?

According to current trends, banking courses in Delhi are now among the most sought-after programs nationwide. Two of the most significant reasons for the course's enormous popularity among students are its precision and brief duration.

- The course presents students with a variety of employment options. Either working in the financial industry or pursuing much higher education.

- Holders of a banking certificate can find employment as junior accountants, sales managers, sales executives, accounts assistants, account associates, investment bankers, accounts clerical staff, and accounts executives, among other positions.

- After completing this degree, students will have opportunities in banking, finance, the stock market, corporate banking, and many other fields. One can even work as a professor or lecturer at reputable universities and colleges after studying higher education in the applicable field.