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The banking industry is one of the pillars of significant sectors to the Indian financial system. Off lately, we have been seeing greater involvement of banks towards providing the goods and various services to facilitate an exponential growth in the financial insertion in our country. Thus, there has been tremendous demand for professionals with the best banking industry knowledge and skills to take banking to the most satisfactory level to the customers.

Banking consists of a business holding cash on behalf of customers that is allocated to the customer upon request, simply by looking at the lender to obtain a withdrawal or simply by cheque to another party. Financial services would be the services provided by the financial sector which includes a wide range of companies that manage cash. For example, credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, etc.

PSIB offers its aspirants practical exercises under the guidance of an extremely knowledgeable faculty who pass on their wisdom and fluency to students. After 75% of their supervision has been successful, they transfer their students to top jobs to give them a sense of a real market level and encourage them to enter the market.

Knowing that the traditional skillset may not be able to face and sustain the prevalent and future challenges associated with banking career, several institutes have come up with post-graduate diploma courses in banking with well-designed curriculum to prepare bank-ready professionals who are geared to take up all sort of challenges from the day 1 of the banking job. For banking aspirants, PSIB offers two such valuable and highly-beneficial banking and finance courses after graduation. Let us go through the details of diploma programmes in banking and finance

PSIB is the best Banking Course in Delhi institute and this is not we want to you believe right now A massive amount of trust and the results of our trainees posted in various financial organizations make us believe in the fact that we have been empowering our students with the right set of knowledge to excel in the competitive financial industry today. Also, we have the greatest number of reviews being posted on our social media channels from our students themselves after seeing the escalated growth in their chosen carrier through PSIB training.

The PSIB trains its applicants in one way so that they are able to bridge the gap between college studies and professional requirements. Banking and financial services are growing rapidly and are under the control of the bankers, offering an excellent connection for both new graduates and skilled practitioners, most of the time to join leading banking companies. The PSIB offers a professional class that saves cash, which manages a retail account, commercial maintenance of cash and related services and items.

The PSIB offers its candidates on-the-job training under the guidance of an exceptionally qualified faculty that informs students of their understanding and familiarity. After completing 75% of the programme, they train the students through important projects to give them the taste of the real market as well as the challenges associated with the job. In addition, PSIB helps its students get recruited by organizing dressing sessions and providing them with an understanding of the trade, making them a safe and professional individual. All this and much more is provided with a number of elastic timing batches such as the standard batch, fast track batch and weekend batch for working professionals.

Furthermore, one of the biggest contributions of technology has been towards the education sector. Online courses in banking provide the students the flexibility to learn at their convenience and gives them access to high-quality course materials with a click. There are many online institutions today that are teaching corporate Banking Course in Delhi online through a few of the best teachers and industry minds, corporate senior leaders and research scholars. In addition to the list of online certifications above, many institutes are imparting learning and knowledge to the aspirants several Banking Course in Delhi online free of any charge.

With a list of Banking Course in Delhi and banking certification programs and courses to choose from today, students can start their preparations for a successful banking career from an early stage and get ready to undergo the candidate selection process confidently. This becomes even more helpful for the freshers who are wondering how to get a job in a bank with no experience in the field.

PSIB offers this at a very economical fee which is nominal looking at the total of opportunities you will get once you are educated by them. PSIB also provides great job opportunities to their candidates like assistant manager in a bank, personal banker, bank clerk, banking sales supervisor and many more.

 Each program is purpose-focused enlightening the students with complete domain knowledge whereas a course is more tool-focused where you can only upgrade a limited number of skills. Opting for a course is often seen to meet a short-term goal because as the tools get updated your skills get outdated. Hence you going for a program would be recommendable.

One should always go for a program which is onsite, instructor-led and heavily practice-driven.

But, one very important thing to keep in mind while you are enrolling for such courses is to know the worth of it in terms of knowledge and what at the end of the course you are developing within yourself.

If you wish to excel in a career in finance, you may feel free to consider any of our courses. PSIB provides 100% career assistance under these programs which includes resume building, extensive interview prep etc.

  • Investment Banking
  • Business Banking Relationship Manager
  • Wealth & Investment Management
  • Financial Analysis Certification

Those wanting to get the best degree for banking career have a reason now to cheer and celebrate as they have a strong platform which can upgrade their profile for them to walk along the high-paced market and enable them to hold a strong edge over the competition. PSIB has come up with an effective solution for the aspirants looking for Banking Course in Delhi after 12th or graduation. In our attempt to fill the skill-gap, we at PSIB have designed a couple of comprehensive training programs at diploma level - Banking-Ready Program (BRP) and Executive Banking-Ready Program (EBPR). Students can select either of the two based on their learning and career requirements.

These endow students with desired skillset to qualify for and excel in the banking career, make them ready for the challenges they may face going forward in a competitive market that banking is.

Details of these Banking Course in Delhi are given in sections to follow.

PSIBs have developed both BRP and EBRP for banking aspirants have been developed considering the growing need for new-generation banking professionals.

Despite being short-term courses, these programs are sure to make your CV impressive and more professional, and can also help you save quite a few words to make an initial impression on the interviewer during the interview.

They have proven to be an unprecedented help for those with full-time jobs and other commitments refraining them from a long-term educational pursuit. In particular, there is a great demand for such a short-term Banking course in Delhi. These short modules encourage the students to acquire much sought-after learning, without having to steal time for it from their everyday busy schedule.

The syllabus of each course includes a comprehensive learning structure, with highly insightful seminars and guest lecturers, with a little varied learning needs and focus. Aspirants can choose either of these courses according to their requirements. The details of these programs are as follows:

Bank-Ready Programme (BRP)

This two-month-long intensive program is a perfect fit for the banking career aspirants who are on the lookout for Banking Course in Delhi after the 12th. This course is aimed at final year graduates, freshers, and bank PO aspirants. The course intends to make the students ready to face any challenges from the first day on their banking job.

In addition to equipping the students with the banking fundamentals, operations and soft skills are required to be an efficient banker.

Here are a few highlights of the program:

  • It is a 70-hour program divided into 3 days per week and 4 hours each day.
  • The training is offered by domain specialists, industry experts, and senior bankers/ex-bankers.
  • The institute runs two batches for the BRP: Batch 1 - Mon/Wed/ Fri, and batch 2 - Tue/Thu/Fri.


Executive Bank-Ready Programme (EBRP)

This intensive training program attempts to answer the question – what are the best Banking courses in Delhi to do after graduation?

Designed and implemented by experienced bankers, this program equips the banking aspirants with complete knowledge of banking operations.

The highlights of the programs are as below:

  • It is a 50-hour program divided into 3 days per week and 4 hours each day.
  • The training is offered by domain specialists, industry experts, and senior bankers/ex-bankers.
  • The institute runs two batches for the EBRP: Batch 1 - Mon/Wed/ Fri, and batch 2 - Tue/Thu/Fri.

EBRP is an entirely delivery-based concept that revolutionizes a prevailing perception of Private Business schools in India.

While knowledge of the job requirements is indispensable, it is crucial to note that there is more that goes into the roles and responsibilities of a banker’s job than possessing the required qualifications and experience needed to work in a bank. He or she needs to have positive and pleasant interpersonal skills which are a must-have while interacting with customers. Since it involves a lot of number-crunching and thus a great deal of accountability, a banker needs to have attention to detail. Private banks also expect their employees to showcase entrepreneurship traits which include being proactive and self-motivated. Being on top of the changing landscape of the industry, both of these banking courses ensure that the learning goes beyond the textbook literature to interactive discussions and practical scenarios. This way, students can get a better visualization of the real-world business issues, their natural idea-development process can be evolved, and they are well-prepared for the job and involved challenges. And upon the completion of the modules, they should be transformed into high-caliber “Bank-Ready” professionals.

With any professional curriculum, the biggest aspiration associated is placement. A lucrative and employment-rich industry that Banking and financial services, it never ceases to look brimming with employment opportunities with attractive pay packages and employee benefits. It looks evident that the prospects for a qualified banker are bright in India as well as in foreign countries. Although the nature of recruitment and growth varies from nationalized banks to private and MNC banks, the institute invests in upskilling the students to meet the expectations of the profiles in both and increase their employability. Whether it is sales, marketing, personal banking, or core banking operations, learning from these courses comes in handy while tackling job challenges and leveraging new and exciting opportunities to boost your career.

  • The program enables the students with the required skillsets and makes them bank-ready from the first day at the job.
  • Proper career counseling is provided to the students by a program advisor from the institute. This program advisor is an industry expert and guides the students toward taking the growth steps to shape a successful banking career.
  • We have several associated banks which prefer to hire students from PSIB as they are equipped with advanced learning and preparedness.
  • The placement cell at PSIB shared regular job alerts and helps the students prepare for interviews with the banks.
  • We strive to only bring opportunities with core-banking operations to other employees. We do not prefer job openings related to sales, back-end operations, or technical support.
  • Our excellent placement record shows that our students have been hired for exciting profiles by many leading and reputed banks in the country.


So in addition to imparting knowledge and providing valuable learning, PSIB multiplies the employability of its students through these dedicated and focused training programs. Students can select either of these programs based on their individual learning needs. Once these courses are completed, students can make use of numerous opportunities in the banking and financial services industry such as banking officers, financial analysts, financial planners, treasurers, portfolio managers, etc. Therefore PSIB offers great scope for a post-graduate diploma in banking and finance.

In form of these certifications, these professional acquisitions on your CV can enhance your desirability to banking employers and set your career on a faster track.

The banking diploma programmes by PSIB come with a range of benefits and bright scope that not only enable students to get closer to their goals by day but also set them apart in the competition. Let us first take a look at the benefits.

  • PSIB's diploma programmes meet a high standard of education. The institute has some of the most sought-after in-house and visiting industry experts to deliver lectures for both of these courses. These experts are instrumental in empowering the students to achieve the best learning curve by gaining familiarity with the fundamentals of the banking industry. These trainers have developed their own highly valuable learning content.
  • Besides, these trainers are more like advisors to the students, providing long-lasting help to them.
  • The institute follows a novel pedagogical approach. It readies the students with numerous smart tips and tricks which come in handy and are helpful for them while performing their job responsibilities in the banking profile.
  • Small batches ensure that each student gets personalised attention, learning-related help and placement assistance.
  • PSIB makes sure that all of its students have the access to help when and when needed, around the clock. The experts are always available to attend to the queries through various channels of communication whether phone calls, messages or social media.
  • When it comes to PGDB course fees, our diploma programmes are competitive and come favourable to the financial capabilities of our students.

Now that we are familiar with the benefits of PSIB’s banking programmes, let us go ahead and understand the employment scope that they provide.

  • To reiterate, by the end of these programmes, the students are ready to excel at a banking job from day 1.
  • The students benefit significantly by meeting with a programme advisor who provides them with the best consultation on how to move and what all steps to take in the direction of a successful banking career. Our advisors are banking professionals and experts and have helped in shaping the banking careers of many of our past students.
  • We have associations with several banks which prefer to hire students from PSIB because of their learning and preparedness. Our placement cell keeps sharing regular job alerts with the students and also prepares them to fare well in the interviews.
  • Our focus stays on getting our students only opportunities related to the core-banking operations. Job openings pertaining to sales, back-end operations or technical support always fails to earn our interest.
  • We have had an excellent placement record as our students have found jobs with exciting profiles with many leading and reputed banks in the country.

So in addition to imparting knowledge and providing valuable learning, we look to enhance the employability of our students through these targeted programmes. Upon completion of these courses and based on their career aspirations, the students can utilise various opportunities in the banking and financial services industry such as banking officers in nationalised, private or MNC banks, financial analysts, financial planners, treasurers, portfolio managers, etc. Therefore, if done at PSIB, there is a great scope for a post-graduate diploma in banking and finance.