KYC-AML Analyst Program

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  • Duration

    Extensive 70 Hours Training Program with Case Studies.

  • Training by

    Post Training, the Candidate can opt for Analyst/Back-end Roles both in MNC and Banks

  • Hands on

    Program offers potential to work indirectly for foreign banks with on-site opportunities.

The recently introduced KYC/AML Analyst Program by PSIB offers Aspiring candidates a long-term opportunity to make a mark in this ever-growing field, with great potential for next 25 years. 

Post Completion of the 1-Months Training Program, the candidate will have deep domain knowledge of KYC/AML Verticals and can have multiple opportunities in back-end Analyst Profiles in both Banks an MNC’s. 

The Training Imparted under this Program covers both Theoretical Concepts and Practical Case Studies, which is pre-requisite of the profile. 

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Program Coverage

  • KYC

      • KYC Introduction 
      • KYC Guidelines 
      • Types of KYC’s 
      • Mandatory Reporting by Banks 
      • KYC for Different Account Types 
  • AML

      • AML Compliance Program
      • Sanction Screening 
      • Role of CDD and EDD 
      • AML – Red Flags 
      • AML – Emerging Trends 
  • Money Laundering

      • Black Money Sources 
      • ML Basics & Role of Shells 
      • ML Steps 
      • ML Traditional Techniques 
      • ML In Financial Markets