What Is the Process to Get Jobs in the Banking Sector for Commerce Students?


If you want to know the process of getting jobs in the banking sector for commerce students, there are many career opportunities in the financial sector for those studying commerce. If you have the required skills and certifications, you can work in this fast-paced business and have a successful career. At PSIB Institutes, we provide specialized courses like the banking operations course in Delhi to help you become equipped for a profitable career in banking. 

Understanding the Banking Sector

Because it provides essential services including credit facilities, loans, and checking and savings accounts, the banking sector is vital to the economy. Careers in banking can involve a broad range of duties, from customer service and secretarial work to more specialized positions like corporate finance, investment banking, and risk management. Gaining a comprehensive awareness of the many positions and opportunities available is the first step toward a successful banking career.

Steps to Get a Job in the Banking Sector

Complete Your Commerce Education

Start with a strong foundation in commerce during your high school years. Subjects like accounting, economics, and business studies are crucial.

Complete B.Com., or bachelor of commerce, degree. This degree offers a comprehensive understanding of corporate management, financial fundamentals, and economic theory.

Enroll in a Specialized Banking Course

To stand out in the competitive job market, enrolling in a specialized banking and finance course in Delhi is essential. Our courses are designed to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Our banking course in Delhi includes modules on financial accounting, investment analysis, risk management, and banking laws. This curriculum ensures that you are well-prepared for the diverse roles in the banking sector.

Gain Practical Experience

Obtaining practical training and internships is essential for obtaining real-world experience. As a component of our banking operations course, we provide internship opportunities with prestigious banks and financial institutions.

During internships, you will learn about daily banking operations, customer service, loan processing, and financial advising. This hands-on experience is invaluable when applying for jobs.

Develop Essential Skills

Communication Skills: Effective communication is vital for customer interaction and teamwork in the banking sector.

Analytical Skills: You have to evaluate risks, examine financial facts, and come to wise conclusions.

Technical Skills: Working knowledge of banking instruments and software is crucial. Our courses at PSIB Institutes include training in the latest financial technologies.

Prepare for Banking Exams

Many banks require candidates to pass specific entrance exams. In India, exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO, and RBI Grade B are common for banking jobs.

Our banking course in Delhi includes preparation modules for these exams, covering topics such as quantitative aptitude, reasoning ability, and general awareness.

Apply for Jobs and Attend Interviews

With your qualifications and experience, start applying for banking jobs. Use job portals, company websites, and networking opportunities to find suitable openings. Prepare for interviews by practicing common questions and scenarios. Highlight your education, internships, and any relevant projects during the interview.

Key Qualifications and Certifications

Bachelor’s Degree (B.Com.M.) or equivalent degree is typically required.

Specialized Course Certification: Completing a banking and finance course in Delhi or a banking operations course from PSIB Institutes adds significant value to your resume.

Professional Certifications: Take into account designations such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), as well as specialized banking certifications provided by organizations such as the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF).

Career Opportunities in the Banking Sector

  • Graduates of our Delhi banking and finance program have a variety of professional options to consider, such as:

  • Personal bankers, customer service representatives, and bank tellers are among the jobs in retail banking.

  • Corporate banking employs relationship managers, credit analysts, and corporate bankers.

  • Investment banking employs financial analysts, portfolio managers, and investment counselors.

  • Personnel in charge of risk management include risk analysts, compliance officials, and fraud investigators.

The PSIB Institutes Advantage

Our goal at PSIB Institutes is to give prospective bankers the greatest instruction and preparation possible. Our banking program in Delhi is designed to fulfill industry requirements and consists of:

  • Skilled Instructors: Gain knowledge from experts with a wealth of work experience.
  • Entire Curriculum: Addressing every important facet of banking and finance.
  • Practical training includes getting real-world experience through projects and internships.
  • Career support includes help with interview preparation and job placement.


For students studying commerce, a career in banking is a good option. By taking the above-mentioned actions and signing up for a specific course at our institute, you may give yourself the edge you need. Our banking courses provide the ideal basis for those wishing to begin a career in retail, corporate, or investment banking. So, why are you waiting? Just start your journey to a prosperous banking profession and open up a world of prospects in the financial industry.