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  • Duration

    Extensive 60 Hours Training Program.

  • Training by

    Dual Opportunity to start career either in Banks or MNC’s in Backend Roles.

  • Hands on

    Unique Opportunity to work in Fraud Analyst related Roles

The Loans & Cards Analyst Program offered by PSIB provides opportunity to candidates to kick-start their career in Underwriting & Fraud Backend Profiles in Both Banks and MNC’s.  

Post Completion of the 1-Month Training Program, the candidate will have focused domain knowledge of Underwriting, Credit Cards, KYC and Fraud related modules. 

Both Underwriting & Fraud Related Profiles are here to stay for next many more years, hence this program offers a great career opportunity for long-term. 

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Program Coverage

  • Underwriting

      • Loans Basics
      • Types of Loans 
      • Risks in Loans
      • Creditworthiness Checks 
      • Underwriting Parameters & Process 
      • KYC Documents for Loans 
  • Credit Cards & Fraud

      • Cards Basics & Debit Cards 
      • Cards - Parameters 
      • Fraud Basics  
      • Fraud Types 
      • Frauds – Customer Diligence 
      • Frauds – Bank Diligence 
  • KYC & Monitoring

      • KYC Basics & Guidelines 
      • Transaction Monitoring Process 
      • Reporting Requirements 
      • KYC Documentation for various Accounts 
      • RE-KYC, E-KYC & Video KYC