Post-graduation Program in Banking Course with 100% Placement 2023-24


In contrast to accounting, finance and banking is an interdisciplinary field of study that draws on both the hard and soft sciences.

To solve complicated problems and put relatable solutions in place, Post-graduation Program in Banking Coursemust be integrative, fusing economic, mathematical, and financial theory with analytical methods.

To ascertain relevance in the global economy, finance should be viewed in an international framework.

The goal of the course is to prepare you to critically evaluate the function of banking in global financial markets.

Along with equipping you with the ICT and research skills demanded by employers in this highly competitive banking sector, attention is also paid to developing recent research and understanding of the behavior of international financial markets that is highly relevant in the aspects of international banking.

It is created specifically for those looking to pursue a management career in the financial markets, international enterprises, or the international banking system.

About The Programme

Best Skills - Banking, insurance, financial services, capital markets, fintech, and other technologies including analytics, blockchains, and artificial intelligence.

Who is this Programme for?

Class X, XII, and graduation graduates in any academic stream with a combined score of at least 50%. Awaiting Final Year Result may also apply.

Job Opportunities

Mostly customer service and sales-focused employment in sales and relationships, as well as those in branch banking.

Placement Support Eligibility

When applying for admission to this program, the applicant must be aged between 19 and 24.

PGD in Banking: Eligibility Criteria

Students who want to enroll in the PGD in bank training courses must have a bachelor's degree in the appropriate field or an equivalent degree from an accredited institution. Students must achieve the cut-off marks set by the college or university in the entrance exam to be admitted to this program. Some colleges also provide direct admission, or admission based solely on performance in the bachelor's degree test, to this course.

Admission Process of PGD in Banking

Applicants for the PGD in investment banking coursewill be admitted based on their success in the entrance exam administered by the relevant college or university, a personal interview, or based on their performance in the bachelor's degree examination. Applicants will be accepted into this program beginning in November. Students who are interested in taking this course can apply for it either online or offline.

Candidates must go to the College/University's official website and correctly complete the application form to submit it online. The admissions office will get in touch with you following a successful registration, and you will then need to come in person to the college or university with all the required paperwork, including your bachelor's degree mark sheet, diploma, ID proof, and photos as part of the admissions process. Candidates may also apply in person by purchasing an application form and a brochure from the college and returning them once they have been correctly filled out.

Banking PGD: Career Opportunities

Students that do the post graduate diploma in bankingperform remarkably well in the industry of banking. Students who wish to improve their verbal and managerial skills and want to work for large MNCs should take this course. After completing this course, students have a variety of career options available to them, including becoming a lecturer or teacher, banking manager, marketing manager, financial advisor, or financial manager, among others.

PGD in Banking: Salary Trends

The PGD in investment banking institute in Delhi is known by students because it is profession-focused and provides a variety of career options in the banking industry. After completing this degree, students can expect to earn an average income ranging from INR 25,000 to INR 65,000 per month, depending on their college, experience, and education. Students with solid experience in this industry may be able to land a high-paying career.

Get The Opportunity To Be Chosen By Top Companies

The banking industry is large and diverse. The banking and finance sector provides services in a wide range of areas, including loans, investments, mutual funds, insurance, stocks, and wealth management. The BFSI industry in India is estimated to be worth Rs. 81 trillion and is projected to grow to become the fifth-largest in the world by 2020 and the third-largest by 2025. Additionally, the industry has been expanding and increasing quickly, which has led to more opportunities at all levels. One of the quickest routes from graduation to a profession in banking and finance is through this program. Over the past years, the program has placed thousands of individuals, which has already been a remarkable success.